Privacy Statement
Your privacy - and its protection - is very important to me. Not just since the General Data Protection Regulation, but it always has been. Since there are new regulations now I have to publicly state my intentions and explain myself, so here we go!

Everyone visiting my site now explicitly - formerly implicitly - has the right to request all data I have collected about/from them. Moreover, they can ask me to delete this data. As am a single person without a company to run, I don't even have tax reasons to keep data, so the only reasons to actually store data would be for requests concerning data protection.

So taking this literally, the most requests I anticipate will be from people who bring their personal information to me, asking for things I did not know I had in the first place. More on that, over on the right.
What do I collect?
Contact data:
When you send me an E-Mail via the contact form, I am storing the data you provide there - voluntarily - on my devices, in order to be able to respond to requests.

Log data:
My website hoster - as every other hoster - collects data which every device accessing my web page does send in order to view the page, basically what we need to return the result to you. This includes:
I can not pinpoint any personal identifiable data from this, but as the state or your ISP can do this, it is considered as such by proxy.

My web site does not require cookies, does not offer cookies. There is no registration and no analysis of browsing habits etc.

Blog data:
If you send a comment to my blog, you give me the right to publish what you send, to the public. I am not checking name and content for validity, my blog is neither professional nor considered a source of general information.
What do I do with it?
I only use the data collected for the specific purpose that it was given me for. For log data this is handing it to the authorities e.g. in case someone tries to attack my web page. For the contact data I am only using it to answer your request, and for the blog data it is so that I can publish what you comment.
What about third parties?
I only ever hand over data if I am obliged to by law. For example in pursuit of a lawsuit or to investigate a crime.
When do you clean up?
About once a year, I delete all data that is older than 10 years. If you want me to delete it earlier, just contact me. If it is about log files, remember that I need more information (e.g. your IP address) to be able to pinpoint your data.