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28/06/21 ( 02:59:30 )
The Finish Line!

03/11/20 ( 20:38:58 )
Rest in Peace, Flash!

11/10/20 ( 16:55:23 )
Onslaught update

20/11/17 ( 02:58:04 ) - *poof* #coding

Wow, this week went by fast. We had some struggles at work, and I had some other things that kept me busy.

Nonetheless, this week was absolutely productive. Not so much on the public line count side, but in the backend!

I have imported all images that I was able to extract from the original files. Sadly, by design, flash works and saves things very scalable, and in a movie-compatible format, not really suited for image exports.

What is a great plus for flash as-is poses to be very hard to port over to anything else, because I can only export static images.

In flash you can zoom in like crazy and you get crystal clear turrets/projectiles, you have smooth animations that look awesome still if you go down to 10% speed.

Getting this done in the 20 FPS exports I have now does never work smoothly. Oh, and I will always have some sort of quality loss, so the best way for now was exporting the images at 16 times the original size, and scaling them down in the editor. This looks good so far :)

In the long run, I will have to redo the animations, for now static images or slightly misaligned parts might be happening. But for what I am creating, this should be enough.
I am not aiming at a 100% working exact clone. For now, I am still in the POC-phase, so far I have not encountered anything impossible, even though I really see the practicality of flash eveywhere.

One thing that really will break my brain one day is the ability to set a clip's width and height. This is not how size works in UE - you can only SCALE things - but what if I do not know what the initial size of the shape/sprite is? Well, seems for the affected sprites/classes I have to literally save it on load, for now.

Again, everything is possible somehow. Motivation: 95%

Let me take a nap to fill it to 100% again ^^

Have a great week!

Chris / SLiPCoR

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13/11/17 ( 09:19:51 ) - The first week #coding

The first week of Onslaught coding has been quite a rollercoaster ride.

I have first created all classes that existed in the former ActionScript project, including inheritance (yet empty), and I have added some functional classes on the way. Before, they were not necessary, based on the "lazy implementation" that ActionScript allows, Objects that later get parsed into actual values, string keyed arrays, etc. Something I cannot really do, I solved most of this through Enumerations :)

Phase 1 will be grabbing all the original Source Code that I have received - and making this into BluePrint based Unreal Engine classes. Especially things like Flash Effects [for moving, for growing and fading] will be interesting to do, but I am fairly sure I have found ways of doing it.

Not sure whether I should do unit testing of the things I have at hand. I feel with the 200 classes I have to deal with, this will get out of hand real quick...

I am a grunt work guy, so what I have to do so far is not really challenging, most of the time I am copypasting variable/function names and comments - oh boy I love Gaby's humor - and the actual time on implementing functions is rather small, as the classes are overall well organized and very modular. This keeps me from getting lost, for sure.

On the way I already had to create some assets and/or import assets that I have been provided. Thanks again to Chris, I owe you!

Phase 2 will be more on the asset side, actually making sure we can have a look at things. Adding assets, textures, models?

Based on the calculations on the Onslaught page, I estimate to be busy for 2-4 months, with Phase 1 only - so, don't hold your breath! But glancing over the modding capabilities and the challenge modes, I really feel that this game will still be fun to a lot of people. And it will allow for a community to form, sharing maps, sharing challenges, sharing scores. "It's gonna be huge"

One day :)

Have an awesome week!

Chris / SLiPCoR

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10/11/17 ( 15:24:05 ) - This blog is also used for music updates! #music

Alright, after finishing up some behind-the-scenes things about the blog, I am back again with a little update about music!

As some of you might know, I am into covering, recording, sampling, and all the issues that come with it. Mostly the issue is that I can do most things only privately, for myself, unless I get the consent of the involved copyright owners.

Well, it happens to be the case that the author of Undertale, Toby Fox, gave me explicit consent to do covers of his soundtrack, and that I will do.

Current progress is, that I have created Guitar Pro files of all tracks that made sense to make into covers [almost all of them], and as I recently got done with this task I have been chewing on for the whole year, I am taking the rest of the year off.
In 2018, you can expect some little things that show my progress on the recording of songs, or on my jamming to it, we will see.

I am planning to use this blog here and my music section to offer updates on the progress, next to my YouTube account.

Any questions? Write a comment!


Chris / SLiPCoR

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09/11/17 ( 19:00:46 ) - A new coding blog! #coding

Hey there :) This is a new attempt at a blog :O

Given the fact that I will be investing a lot of time into this and this process will take a long time, a blog will be the best solution until actual results are presentable.

Does anyone remember Onslaught 2? Because I do. And I recently got the consent of the important persons around the late developer Gaby Vanhegan after I learned about his death in 2011, several weeks ago.

To this day, I feel that this game excels through its simplicity and sturdyness. I feel strongly that this game should stay alive, and because the doom of Adobe Flash being imminent, I volunteered to help with this.

So this is the big news about coding, there will be little bits and bytes here and there, progress information will be on the Onslaught Page, and there might be occasional updates about my other game, a MiniGolf implementation - but as this is presentable already, I assume I might actually keep the updates about this on my YouTube channel

Have any feedback, any questions, just hit the "comment" button, and if it is about the website design - give me until the end of the year to make it sturdy and maybe even good looking :P

Have a nice winter season!

Yours Chris / SLiPCoR

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